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Surface-sensitive spectroscopy of
soft plasmonic nanomaterials

Welcome to the website of the Klein Lab at the Department of Chemistry at Brown University.  We are a highly motivated team of graduate students, postdocs, and undergrads working on important scientific questions in the fields of chemistry, physics, & engineering.


"I am among those who think that science has great beauty."

 -Marie Curie

The Klein Lab was established in July 2022 as an optical spectroscopy lab seeking to investigate excited-state photophysical and photochemical phenomena in novel plasmonic nanomaterials.  We are actively looking for applications from enthusiastic graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduate students.  Email inquiries should include a curriculum vitae as well as a brief overview of research interests.  For more information about research areas, please see below!

Spectroscopy Of Soft Plasmonic Nanomaterials | Providence | Klein Lab


We'd love to hear from you about research ideas and ongoing collaborations. Prospective students should attach an updated curriculum vitae with a summary of previous research experience or current interests as well as future goals. Recommendation letter requests are welcome from students who have taken courses from Professor

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